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Zyklon B: Quiz


Question 1: Leuchter's negative control, a sample of ________ material taken from a different building in the camp, registered as having no such cyanide residue.
PolymerGasketO-ringWasher (hardware)

Question 2: At the other extermination camps, ________ from engine exhaust was used in the gas chambers or mobile gas vans.
Carbon monoxideNitric oxideNitrous oxideHydrogen sulfide

Question 3: [7] On September 3, 1941, around 600 ________ prisoners of war and 250 sick Polish prisoners were gassed with Zyklon B at Auschwitz camp I; this was the first experiment with the gas at Auschwitz.
Joseph StalinEast GermanySoviet UnionRussia

Question 4: Zyklon B was used by ________ to poison prisoners in the gas chambers of their network of extermination camps throughout Europe.
Nazi GermanyNazismAxis powersAdolf Hitler

Question 5: The use of the word Zyklon (German for ________) continues to prompt angry reactions from Jewish groups.
Mesoscale convective systemSevere weatherTropical cycloneCyclone

Question 6: Zyklon B was used at Auschwitz Birkenau, ________, Sachsenhausen and one of the Operation Reinhard camps.
Kraków GhettoTreblinka extermination campMajdanek concentration campAktion Erntefest

Question 7: From 1929 onwards the U.S. used Zyklon B to disinfect the freight trains and clothes of ________ immigrants entering the US.

Question 8: Zyklon B was used in the concentration camps initially for delousing to control ________.
Epidemic typhusCholeraTyphusPlague (disease)

Question 9: This company extracted prussic acid from the waste products of the ________ refining process.
Sugar beetSugarcanePotatoMaize

Question 10: To raise capital, Degussa split its controlling interest of Degesch with ________ in 1930: both companies held a 42.5% share in Degesch, with the remaining 15% held by the Th.
IG FarbenBayerMonowitz concentration campIG Farben Trial

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