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Question 1: For organisms in which the male is heterogametic, such as humans, almost all X-linked genes are hemizygous in males with normal chromosomes because they have only one ________ and few of the same genes are on the Y chromosome.
Human genomeX chromosomePseudoautosomal regionChromosome 7 (human)

Question 2: In diploid organisms, the alleles are inherited from the individual's ________, one from the male parent and one from the female.
Nuclear familyParentingParentAdoption

Question 3: Fraternal twins are dizygotic because they develop from two separate eggs that are fertilized by two separate ________.
SpermatozoonSexual reproductionFertilisationSperm

Question 4: In ________, the concept of heterozygosity is commonly extended to refer to the population as a whole, i.e., the fraction of individuals in a population that are heterozygous for a particular locus.
Population geneticsEvolutionGenetic erosionNatural selection

Question 5: Zygosity is the similarity of alleles of a ________ for a trait (inherited characteristic) in an organism.

Question 6: An individual that is homozygous recessive for a particular trait carries two copies of the allele that codes for the ________.
GeneticsDominance (genetics)GeneChromosome

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