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Question 1: It mainly acts by antagonism of D1 and D2 ________ receptors, though it also has some antihistamine activity.

Question 2: aliphatics: ________# • Levomepromazine/Methotrimeprazine • Promazine • Triflupromazine •

Question 3: Zuclopenthixol (Cisordinol, Clopixol, Acuphase) is a typical antipsychotic neuroleptic ________ of the thioxanthene group.
PhencyclidineMDMAPsychoactive drugDrug

Question 4: This may result in symptoms similar to those seen in ________ and include a restlessness and inability to sit still known as akathisia, a slow tremor and stiffness of the limbs.
Huntington's diseaseParkinson's diseaseHypersomniaAlzheimer's disease

Question 5: Its main use is as a long acting injection given two or three weekly to people with ________ who have a poor compliance with medication and suffer frequent relapses of illness.
Major depressive disorderMental disorderBipolar disorderSchizophrenia

Question 6: piperidines: Mesoridazine • ________/Sulforidazine • Periciazine

Question 7: As zuclopenthixol dihydrochloride (Clopixol tablets), it is a tablet used in the treatment of ________ in those who are compliant with oral medication.
Mental disorderSchizophreniaBipolar disorderMajor depressive disorder

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