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Zooxanthella: Quiz


Question 1: "Zooxanthella." ________, available from
WikipediaEncyclopedia of LifeIntegrated Taxonomic Information SystemMacroscopic Observatory

Question 2: ________ (Dinophysis, Histioneis, Ornithocercus, Oxyphysis)

Question 3: ________ testing shows differences between the symbionts from different corals, but the issue is whether or not these are significant enough to represent different species.

Question 4: Hermatypic (reef-building) ________ largely depend on zooxanthellae, which limits that coral's growth to the photic zone.
ScleractiniaCoralGorgonianCoral reef

Question 5: Other organisms which can host zooxanthellae include jellyfish, clams, ________, sea slugs i.e.

Question 6: [citation needed] At that time he proved that symbodinia had a motile stage which resembled a "gymnodinioid" ________.

Question 7: Plasmodiidae/Haemosporida (Plasmodium, ________, Leukocytozoon)
Cyclospora cayetanensisToxoplasma gondiiHaemoproteusHepatozoon

Question 8: ________ occurs when zooxanthellae densities within coral tissue become low or the concentration of photosynthetic pigments within each zooxanthella decline.
Coral reef fishGreat Barrier ReefCoral bleachingCoral reef

Question 9: This Wikipedia article may include ________ licensed content from the Encyclopedia of Life.
Creative CommonsCreative Commons licensesCopyleftOpen-source software

Question 10: Most are autotrophs and provide the host with energy in the form of translocated reduced carbon compounds, such as glucose, glycerol, and amino acids, which are the products of ________ .
AlgaeCell wallPhotosynthesisPlant


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