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Question 1: Duga-3”, is a former Soviet military installation relatively close by to the power plant, consisting of gigantic transmitter and receiver belonging to the Steel Yard ________ system.
Bangor, MaineCobra MistOver-the-horizon radarHigh frequency

Question 2: The most vocal advocate of such revival is President ________ who expresses his deep concerns with the exclusion of polluted territories from the society and economy of Ukraine.
Yulia TymoshenkoLeonid KuchmaViktor YushchenkoViktor Yanukovych

Question 3: Populations of traditional Polesian animals (like wolves, wild boar and ________), red deer, moose, and beaver have multiplied enormously and begun expanding outside the zone.
Roe DeerWild boarElkReindeer

Question 4: Inside the Forbidden Forests 1993 ________ article about the zone
The GuardianThe TimesThe ObserverThe Independent

Question 5: Geographically, it includes northernmost parts of Kyivs'ka oblast' and Zhytomyrs'ka oblast' of Ukraine, and adjoins the country's border with ________.
Bosnia and HerzegovinaAzerbaijanSerbiaBelarus

Question 6: Even extremely rare lynx have appeared, and there are reports of tracks from ________, an animal not seen in the area for several centuries.
Gray WolfCougarBrown BearAmerican Black Bear

Question 7: The area also houses herds of European ________ and Przewalski's Horses released there after the accident.

Question 8: No scientifically documented cases of mutant deformity in animals of the zone were reported other than partial ________ in swallows.
AlbinismMyopiaPhotophobiaAlbinism in popular culture

Question 9: Contrary to popular belief, the power plant depicted in one of the last shots is not Chernobyl; the entire movie was in fact shot in ________.

Question 10: A ________ novella titled The Dragon of Pripyat, by Karl Schroeder, is set in Pripyat after the disaster.
Science fiction fandomScience fictionAlternate historyCyberpunk


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