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Zona pellucida: Quiz


Question 1: The zona pellucida (plural zonae pellucidae) is a glycoprotein membrane surrounding the plasma membrane of an ________.
Immature ovumMeiosisOocyteFertilisation

Question 2: This structure binds ________, and is required to initiate the acrosome reaction.
SpermatogenesisSpermatozoonPenisReproductive system

Question 3: The zona glycoprotein, ZP3, is responsible for sperm binding, adhering to ________ on the sperm plasma membrane (GalT).

Question 4: The zona pellucida is essential for oocyte death and ________.
Prenatal developmentFertilisationHuman embryogenesisEmbryo

Question 5: When the zona pellucida of one animal species is injected into the bloodstream of another, it results in sterility of the second species due to ________.
Immune systemAdaptive immune systemToll-like receptorLymphatic system

Question 6: In ________, Porcine zona pellucida is used to keep deer populations low, and this process is commonly referred to as "spay-vac".
New JerseyDelawareMassachusettsPennsylvania

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