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Zita of Bourbon-Parma: Quiz


Question 1: Over the next few years, the Empress made several visits to her former Austrian homeland, even appearing on Austrian ________.
Closed captioningVideoMechanical televisionTelevision

Question 2: Charles and Zita left for exile in Switzerland, and later ________ where Charles died in 1922.
MadeiraSaint HelenaAzoresPortugal

Question 3: [2]:20 Zita went through a patch of poor health and was sent for the traditional cure at a European ________ for two years.
SpaPharmacyEmergency medical servicesMassage

Question 4: [3]:271-272 With the assumption of power by the collaborationist government of ________, the Habsburgs fled to the Spanish border, reaching it on 18 May.
Gaston DoumergueCharles de GaulleVincent AuriolPhilippe Pétain

Question 5: Alfonso duly sent the warship Infanta Isabel to Funchal and this took them to ________.
CadizPuerto RealJerez de la FronteraAlgeciras

Question 6: They were then escorted to the Pardo Palace in ________, where shortly after her arrival Zita gave birth to a posthumous child, Archduchess Elisabeth.

Question 7: Born as the seventeenth child of the dispossessed ________, Zita married the then Archduke Charles of Austria in 1911.
Robert I, Duke of ParmaCharles II, Duke of ParmaFerdinand, Duke of ParmaCharles III, Duke of Parma

Question 8: Prince Sixtus had met with King ________ and appealed to him to help the Habsburgs.
George VI of the United KingdomGeorge V of the United KingdomEdward VIII of the United KingdomEdward VII of the United Kingdom

Question 9: [2]:20 This abruptly ended in March 1920 when, after a period of instability in Hungary, ________ was elected regent.
Miklós HorthyGyula GömbösIon AntonescuIstván Friedrich

Question 10: These overtures were abruptly ended by the annexation of Austria by ________ in 1938.
Adolf HitlerNazismAxis powersNazi Germany

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