Zinc: Quiz


Question 1: [98] Brass is generally more ductile and stronger than copper and has superior ________.

Question 2: Electrowinning processing leaches zinc from the ore concentrate by ________:[87]
AmmoniaSulfuric acidAcetic acidHydrochloric acid

Question 3: [5] It is somewhat less dense than iron and has a hexagonal ________.
Crystal growthCrystallographySolidCrystal structure

Question 4: [14] Large deposits are in Australia, Canada and the United States with the largest reserves in ________.
Iran–Iraq WarAzerbaijanIraqIran

Question 5: [90] Effective sewage treatment greatly reduces this; treatment along the ________, for example, has decreased zinc levels to 50 ppb.
Kinzig (Rhine)Moselle (river)RhineLahn

Question 6: In the brain, zinc is stored in specific synaptic vesicles by ________ neurons[146] and can "modulate brain excitability".
Nitrous oxideGlutamineGlutamic acidDizocilpine

Question 7: The zinc chelator phytate, found in seeds and ________ bran, can contribute to zinc malabsorption in those with heavily vegetarian diets.

Question 8: The element was probably named by the alchemist ________ after the German word Zinke.
SpainGermanyParacelsusNazi Germany

Question 9: [148] Two examples of zinc-containing enzymes are carbonic anhydrase and carboxypeptidase, which are vital to the processes of ________ (CO2) regulation and digestion of proteins, respectively.
Carbon sinkCarbon cycleCarbon dioxideGreenhouse gas

Question 10: Powdered zinc is used in this way in ________ and sheets of zinc metal form the cases for and act as anodes in zinc–carbon batteries.
Rechargeable batteryAlkaline batteryBattery (electricity)Nickel-cadmium battery

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