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Zilog Z80: Quiz


Question 1: In ________ another unlicensed clone could be found, named MMN80CPU and produced by Microelectronica, used in home computers like TIM-S, HC, COBRA.

Question 2: This feature has also been used to minimise decoding hardware requirements, such as in the ________ and ZX81.
BBC MicroHome computerZX SpectrumAmstrad CPC

Question 3: ________ TRS-80 (some models)
RadioShackBell CanadaThe Source (retailer)Tandy Corporation

Question 4: The ________ featured a Z80 processor alongside its MOS Technology 8502 processor for CP/M compatibility.
Commodore 128Commodore Plus/4Commodore 64Commodore SX-64

Question 5: The Zilog Z80 is an 8-bit ________ designed and sold by Zilog from July 1976 onwards.
MicroprocessorCentral processing unitReduced instruction set computer64-bit

Question 6: Oberheim OB-8 eight-voice synthesizer with ________
Musical Instrument Digital InterfaceBus (computing)Universal Serial BusEIA-422

Question 7: ________ and PCW series,[54][55] as well as the NC100 and NC200 portable computers.
BBC MicroZX SpectrumHome computerAmstrad CPC

Question 8: The company was also trying hard in the ________ market with its Z8000 and 32-bit Z80000 (both unrelated to Z80).
WorkstationLaptopPersonal computerMinicomputer

Question 9: A built-in ________ refresh mechanism that would otherwise have to be provided by external circuitry
Read-only memoryDynamic random access memoryRandom-access memoryFlash memory

Question 10: In ________, an unlicensed clone of the Z80, known as the U880, was manufactured.
Communist RomaniaCommunist stateEast GermanySoviet Union


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