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Zigong: Quiz


Question 1: Zigong is located in the central Chinese ________ province, which was a large basin, surrounded by mountains on three sides and therefore somewhat isolated.
Muli Tibetan Autonomous CountySongpan CountyLuzhouSichuan

Question 2: To Zigong's south is ________ and to the north-east is the city of Neijiang.

Question 3: Zigong is the originator of the Chinese ________ - which has been copied in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.
Chinese New YearLantern FestivalMid-Autumn FestivalDuanwu Festival

Question 4: Rice-field ________ chicken soup (only a few family knows how to make this soup)
True toadMicrohylidaeFrogPoison dart frog

Question 5: In the 1980s, vast dinosaur fossils were excavated in the ________, 7 km north-east from downtown Zigong, including a dinosaur named after the township, Dashanpusaurus.
HuayangosaurusShunosaurusBathonianDashanpu Formation

Question 6: Some dishes found in Zigong are common to the ________ area (see Szechuan cuisine with local variations, and some are unique local recipes.
Songpan CountySichuanMuli Tibetan Autonomous CountyLuzhou

Question 7: The people of Zigong have been drilling in the area for ________ since before the Han Dynasty (76-88 A.D.) to extract salt from brine.
SaltWaterHypertensionSodium chloride

Question 8: The main products were a uniquely rich salt called "hua" salt - which dominated salt from the other Sichuan producers and the "ba" salt which became popular in other ________.
Province (China)Time in ChinaEast ChinaTourism in China

Question 9: Sichuan DanDan Mian - spicy________
CambodiaChinese noodlesChar kway teowOverseas Chinese

Question 10: Zigong has long been renowned as "Salt City" for its brine extraction techniques and the attendant ________-related culture.
Sodium chlorideWaterSaltHypertension

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