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Zhumadian: Quiz


Question 1: Zhumadian has 62 different dams including ________ within its territory.
RenminbiBanqiao DamHenanChina Central Television

Question 2: There is an old site of ________ and Zhu Yingtai who are the characters in the Butterfly Lovers, a famous Chinese story.
Butterfly LoversZhejiangThe Butterfly Lovers (2008 film)Chinese opera

Question 3: Mainly wheat, ________, peanut, sesame, green beans and tobacco.

Question 4: Zhumadian (simplified Chinese: 驻马店traditional Chinese: 駐馬店pinyin: Zhùmǎdiàn; Postal map spelling: Chumatien) is a prefecture-level city in southern ________ province, People's Republic of China.
XingyangQi County, KaifengDengzhouHenan

Question 5: It borders Xinyang to the south, Nanyang to the west, Pingdingshan to the northwest, Luohe to the north, Zhoukou to the northeast, and the province of ________ to the east.
AnhuiWuwei CountyShou CountyJixi County

Question 6: In the Tang Dynasty, the emperor ordered his soldiers carry lychees from ________ to his charming princess Yang who loved to eat lychees.
ShenzhenGuangdongCantonese (Yue)Guangzhou

Question 7: Zhumadian was previously known as Yicheng, for it used to be a ________.
Radio propagationMicrowave transmissionUltra high frequencyMicrowave

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