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Zhengtong Emperor: Quiz


Question 1: [7] During the ensuing onslaught in the capital later that morning, the Minister of Works and the Commander of the Imperial Guard were killed, while the rebels set the gates of the ________ on fire.
Mount TaiBeijingSuzhouForbidden City

Question 2: Zhengtong's accession at the age of eight makes him the first child emperor of the dynasty hence Zhengtong was easily influenced by others, namely his ________ Wang Zhen.
Gender identityTransgenderThird genderEunuch

Question 3: This act greatly upset and devastated Zhengtong but the ________ died shortly thereafter.
MonarchyJapanHeir apparentDenmark

Question 4: At the age of 22, in 1449, he was imprisoned by the ________ when, advised by Wang Zhen, he personally directed and lost the Battle of Tumu Fortress against the Mongols under Esen Khan.
Kalmyk peopleMonguorBorjiginMongols

Question 5: He resided in the southern palace of the ________ and all outside contacts were severely curtailed by the Jingtai Emperor.
Forbidden CityMount TaiBeijingSuzhou

Question 6: The Tianshun Emperor died at the age of 37 in 1464 and was buried in the Yuling (裕陵) tomb of the ________.
Forbidden CityMing Dynasty TombsBeijingMing Xiaoling Mausoleum

Question 7: The Zhengtong Emperor was released one year later in 1450 but when he returned to ________, he was immediately put under house arrest by his brother for almost seven years.
Religion in ChinaProvince (China)ChinaTime in China

Question 8: Zhu Qizhen (Cheng-t'ung) ( 29 November 1427 – 23 February 1464) was an emperor of the ________.
Han DynastyMing DynastyTang DynastySong Dynasty

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