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Zhanjiang: Quiz


Question 1: Until the introduction of ________ spelling, it was often known in the west as "Tsamkong" due to the Cantonese pronunciation of the name.
ISO/IEC 646ISO/IEC 8859-8PinyinISO/IEC 8859-3

Question 2: Zhanjiang (湛江; French Fort-Bayard) is a prefecture-level city in Guangdong province, in southeast ________.
ChinaReligion in ChinaProvince (China)Time in China

Question 3: In the early 1990s a new rail line was completed, linking Zhanjiang with ________ , the provincial capital.

Question 4: It is a seaport and trade center having many varied industries, including ________, textile plants, and sugar refining.
United StatesUnited KingdomLondonShipyard

Question 5: The line was later extended to Hai’an, at the southernmost tip of Leizhou Peninsula, where trains could be transported by ferry across the Hainan Strait to ________.

Question 6: ________ economy to make a breakthrough, a marked increase in the number of units.
IndustryIndustrial RevolutionIndustrialisationEconomics

Question 7: In 1955 a rail link was built to Litang in ________ province, where it joined the Hunan-Guangxi rail system.
YizhouRongshui Miao Autonomous CountyGuangxiPingxiang, Guangxi


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