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Zhang Yimou: Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following awards has Zhang Yimou won?
NSFC Award for Best Director
2000 - Best director, Bang RajannFantasia Festival
Best Director, Japanese Academy Awards 2004
Cannes Best Director Award

Question 2:
What is the origin of Zhang Yimou?

Question 3: In 1987 Zhang embarked on his directorial debut, Red Sorghum, starring Chinese actress ________, handpicked by Zhang, in her first leading role.
Maggie CheungGong LiZhang ZiyiZhou Xun

Question 4:
What did Zhang Yimou do for a living?
Film director, producer, cinematographer and actor
Musician, Composer, Entertainer
Novelist, lepidopterist, professor

Question 5: It was also released to critical praise, winning the ________ for Best Picture at the 1992 Venice International Film Festival.
Golden Lion62nd Venice International Film Festival64th Venice International Film Festival63rd Venice International Film Festival

Question 6: Zhang also led the production of Tan Dun's opera, The First Emperor, which had its world premiere at the ________ on 21 December 2006.
Metropolitan Opera radio broadcastsOtelloMetropolitan OperaMaria Callas

Question 7: Zhang's most recent film, 2006's ________, saw him reunite with leading actress Gong Li.
House of Flying DaggersNot One LessZhang YimouCurse of the Golden Flower

Question 8: Fresh after the success of Ju Dou, Zhang began work on what has been considered by many as his magnum opus, ________.
Not One LessTo Live (film)Zhang YimouRaise the Red Lantern

Question 9:
Who is Zhang Yimou's spouse?
Hans Rolla
Hua Xie
Lillian Gordy Carter
Ellen Day Bonnifield

Question 10: The film, which was released in 1995, featured leading actress ________ in her seventh film under Zhang's direction.
Maggie CheungZhang ZiyiGong LiZhou Xun


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