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Question 1: He graduated from Tsinghua University Middle School in 1967, at the height of the ________.
Deng XiaopingMao ZedongCultural RevolutionZhou Enlai

Question 2: After his graduation, Zhang was "sent down" to Ujimqin Banner in Xilin Gol League, ________, where he lived for four years before returning to Beijing.
ManzhouliWuchuan County, Inner MongoliaEvenk Autonomous BannerInner Mongolia

Question 3: [3] Aside from Chinese and Mongolian, Zhang also speaks Japanese, and once audited a class in Kazakh at the ________.
Tsinghua UniversityMinzu University of ChinaPeking UniversityBeijing Institute of Technology

Question 4: Often named as the most influential Muslim writer in China, his historical narrative History of the Soul, about the rise of the ________ (哲合忍耶) Sufi order , was the second-most popular book in China in 1994.
JahriyyaLinxia CityMa LaichiSalar

Question 5: French edition: Mon beau cheval noir; 1999, Philippe Picquier, ________.
United KingdomItalyFranceCanada

Question 6: A Mongolian Tale at the ________
Box Office MojoCDNOWInternet Movie

Question 7: ________, a shaykh who had a large influence on Jahriyya thought and practise
Chishti OrderSufismNaqshbandiTariqah

Question 8: [6][7] Soon after his return, he entered the archaeology department of ________, graduating in 1975.
Fudan UniversityZhejiang UniversityTsinghua UniversityPeking University

Question 9: Japanese edition: 黒駿馬, 1994, Waseda University Press, ________.
United KingdomCambodiaJapanCanada

Question 10: Zhang was born in ________ in 1948 to Hui parents of Shandong origin.


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