Zeta Tau Alpha: Quiz

Question 1:
What is the motto of Zeta Tau Alpha?
Seek and Strike
Seek the Noblest
"Being Solidary, Seeking Truth, Working Hard, Making Innovations"
Seek justice

Question 2:
Where does Zeta Tau Alpha come from?
Czech Republic

Question 3:
What is the street address of Zeta Tau Alpha?
3450 Founders Road
Folcroft, PA, 19032
740 Decatur Boulevard
6215 West Warnimont Avenue

Question 4:
What state is Zeta Tau Alpha associated with?
South Dakota

Question 5:
What type is thing is Zeta Tau Alpha?
Rifle / Dangerous Game

Question 6:
What are the colours of the Zeta Tau Alpha?
orange, navy blue
Turquoise n Steel Gray
Gray, Silver, Black
Maroon and, Gold

Question 7:
Where was Zeta Tau Alpha born?
Longwood University
Memphis, Tennessee
Courtice, Ontario
Seaford, New York

Question 8: ________ - Winner of Survivor: The Amazon, and contestant on Survivor: All Stars
Ethan ZohnJon DaltonSurvivor (U.S. TV series)Jenna Morasca

Question 9: ________ (Gamma Iota) - ESPN reporter, Member of the Gator basketball dance team from 1997–2000[2]
Erin AndrewsChris BermanDan ShulmanSean McDonough

Question 10: Betty Buckley (Gamma Psi) - Tony Award winning theater, film, and television actress; (Cats, ________, Tender Mercies)[2]
19771978Eight Is Enough1979

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Zeta_Tau_Alpha)