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Zeno of Citium: Quiz


Question 1:
Zeno of Citium, ?smet Gney and Kyrillos III are all:
Cypriot educators Hellenistic era philosophers Cypriot writers Ancient Cypriots

Question 2: [16] Among Zeno's other pupils there were ________, Sphaerus, and Cleanthes who succeeded Zeno as the head (scholarch) of the Stoic school in Athens.
ChrysippusStoicismAristo of ChiosZeno of Citium

Question 3: [27] Cicero accused Zeno of being inferior to his philosophical predecessors in his treatment of Logic,[28] and it seems true that a more exact treatment of the subject was laid down by his successors, including ________.

Question 4: [31] Zeno said that there were four stages in the process leading to true ________, which he illustrated with the example of the flat, extended hand, and the gradual closing of the fist:

Question 5: [34] Into this pantheistic system he incorporated the physics of ________; the Universe contains a divine artisan-fire, which foresees everything,[35] and extending throughout the Universe, must produce everything:

Question 6: [4] Zeno is described as a haggard, tanned person,[5] living a spare, ________ life.

Question 7: The Universe, in Zeno's view, is ________:[33] a divine reasoning entity, where all the parts belong to the whole.

Question 8: Zeno was the son of a Phoenician merchant and was a merchant himself,[1] when he came to ________ to learn philosophy,[2] at the age of 22.

Question 9: Like the ________, Zeno recognised a single, sole and simple good,[44] which is the only goal to strive for.

Question 10: Zeno of Citium (Greek: Ζήνων ὁ Κιτιεύς, Zēnōn ho Kitieŭs; 334 BC - 262 BC) was a Greek philosopher from ________ (Greek: Κίτιον), Cyprus.


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