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Question 1: Zeno spent the next 20 months raising an army, largely made up of fellow Isaurians, and marched on ________ in August 476 after Illus and his army turned against Basiliscus and joined him.
Byzantine navyByzantine EmpireConstantinopleHagia Sophia

Question 2: Flavius Zeno, original name Tarasicodissa or Trascalissaeus, Byzantine Emperor (circa 425 – April 9, 491) was one of the more prominent of the early ________.
Concise list of Roman EmperorsRoman EmperorList of Byzantine emperorsList of Roman Emperors

Question 3: Still, a fortuitous turn of events ultimately placed Tarasicodissa on the throne in ________.
ConstantinopleHagia SophiaByzantine EmpireByzantine navy

Question 4: The aggressions of the two ________ leaders, Theodoric the Great the son of Theodemir and Theodoric Strabo, had been a constant source of danger since 472.
Ostrogothic KingdomByzantine EmpireVisigothsOstrogoths

Question 5: After Theodoric Strabo died in 481, the future Theodoric the Great became king of the entire Ostrogoth nation and began to be a source of trouble in the ________.
Western EuropeBalkansEastern EuropeEurope

Question 6: Popular legend has it that a voice was heard coming from his grave for three days after he died, suggesting that he was ________, but that he was too unpopular with the people for anyone to open the grave and try to rescue him.
Premature burialBurialScotlandUnited Kingdom

Question 7: Restored to rule of the Eastern Empire, Zeno was forced to make a momentous decision within two months when Romulus Augustus was deposed by the Chieftain of the Heruli, ________.
Theodoric the GreatCharlemagneAlboinOdoacer

Question 8: At the same time, Zeno sent a mission to ________ with the intent of making a permanent peace settlement with Geiseric, who was still making constant raids on eastern cities and merchant shipping.

Question 9: The Isaurians were a people who lived inland from the Mediterranean coast of ________, in the core of the Taurus Mountains (generally what is now the Konya/Bozkir area of Turkey).
IstanbulTurkish peopleAnatoliaOttoman Empire

Question 10: His reign saw the end of the Western Roman Empire under ________ and Romulus Augustulus, but he contributed much to stabilizing the eastern Empire.
Valentinian IIIAnthemiusJulius NeposZeno (emperor)


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