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Zenn-La: Quiz


Question 1: Shortly thereafter, Zenn-La suffered an invasion attempt by the Skrulls and, later, by the ________.
KreeStan LeeJack KirbySilver Surfer

Question 2: After decades of service to Galactus, the Silver Surfer was exiled and imprisoned on ________.

Question 3: Radd was transformed into the ________, and left his homeworld for the stars.
Fantastic FourJack KirbySilver SurferStan Lee

Question 4: In the Age of Space Travel, ________ became their greatest heroes, who visited a thousand galaxies[8].
Space RaceIranian Space AgencyHuman spaceflightSpace exploration

Question 5: Elsewhere in the universe, the ________ raged.
Avengers (comics)Jack KirbyKree-Skrull WarStan Lee

Question 6: [12] The Surfer was tricked into defending the ________ from the Badoon, who, he later found out, had allied with the Kree.
SkrullStan LeeHeroes RebornJack Kirby

Question 7: They grew apathetic and indulgent in their ________, with all of their needs cared for by machines.

Question 8: It is best known as the homeworld of the ________.
Fantastic FourSilver SurferJack KirbyStan Lee

Question 9: The Surfer discovered this and infiltrated the simulation with the aid of ________.
ThanosNamorDefenders (comics)Moondragon

Question 10: Zenn-La (Deneb III[1]) is a fictional planet in the Marvel Universe, located in the Deneb System in the Milky Way galaxy, approximately 3,000 light years from ________.


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