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Zen master: Quiz


Question 1: In the ________, founded by Seung Sahn, a Zen master is referred to as a Soen Sa Nim—although this term usually is used in reference to Seung Sahn himself.
BuddhismKwan Um School of ZenDae GakProvidence Zen Center

Question 2: A roshi (Chinese: 老師, lǎoshī) is a Japanese honorific title used in ________ that literally means "old teacher" or "venerable teacher", denoting a monastic who gives spiritual guidance to a sangha.
Pure Land BuddhismZenGuan YinVajrayana

Question 3: [7] However, in the ________ and other Western countries, there are a growing number of individuals calling themselves Zen masters who have apparently received no external authority to teach Zen Buddhism.
PhilippinesUnited StatesCanadaAlaska

Question 4: Most Zen communities in the ________ confer the title in line with this protocol, and in most instances it is used synonymously with the term Zen master.
AlaskaUnited StatesPhilippinesCanada

Question 5: In the ________ school of Zen, a person becomes the equivalent of roshi when they have received the title of shike from the Soto school.
DōgenSōtōPure Land BuddhismŌbaku

Question 6: Sunim is the Korean title for a Buddhist monk or ________.
SamaneriBhikkhuniUpāsaka and UpāsikāBhikkhu

Question 7: The title is generally granted to an individual who has realized a deep understanding of the ________, and most roshi have undergone many years of arduous training under a master.

Question 8: It is considered respectful to refer to senior monks or nuns in ________ as Kun sunim, and this polite way of expressing the title can also denote some sort of realization on the part of the individual being addressed.
North KoreaKoreaSouth KoreaKorean Peninsula

Question 9: Zen master (Chinese: 禪師, chánshī), or Zen teacher, is an umbrella title which refers to an individual who teaches ________ to others, and it may be used to refer to individuals hailing from any number of countries and traditions.
Guan YinVajrayanaZenPure Land Buddhism


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