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Question 1: Thus, the zduhać is a good spirit who does his ________ only good, protects it and fights for it.

Question 2: Although the zduhaći don't belong to the evil spirits, there are, nevertheless, those who put their strength and knowledge at the ________'s service.
SatanGodChristian teaching about the DevilDevil

Question 3: His spirit comes out of his body (usually while he sleeps), and then leads the winds, drives away clouds, takes away ________ or downpour, or fights with an ala (a creature that brings a storm).
Precipitation (meteorology)ThunderstormHailRain

Question 4: A man becomes a grabancijaš when he finishes twelve schools and then performs a certain ________.

Question 5: Zduhać is also present in beliefs of ________ (who inhabit parts of Eastern Serbia), by them also known as vlva.
SerbsVlachs of SerbiaRomanians of SerbiaBanat Bulgarians

Question 6: Zduhać (plural: zduhaći; Serbian pronunciation: [ˈzduxaːtɕ] (sg), [zduˈxaːtɕi] (pl)) is a spirit in Serbian mythology, recorded in Montenegro, Metohija, western Serbia and ________.
HerzegovinaRepublika SrpskaKonjicBosnia and Herzegovina


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