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Zanskar: Quiz


Question 1: Among the wildlife that can be found in Zanskar are the marmot, bear, wolf, snow leopard, kiang, bharal, alpine ________, wild sheep and goats, and the lammergeier.
CattleCapra (genus)OvisGoat-antelope

Question 2: The easiest approach leads from ________ through the Suru valley and over the Pensi La.
KashmirJammu and KashmirKargil districtZanskar

Question 3: During these wars Ladakh lost two thirds of its original territory, losing Baltistan to Pakistan and the ________ to China.
Arunachal PradeshAksai ChinKashmirTibet

Question 4: The Gelugpa control the Rangdum Monastery, ________, Strongde and Phugtal Monastery, which all pay allegiance to the Ngari Rinpoche,[3] who has his main seat at Likir Monastery in Ladakh.
Thikse MonasteryAlchi MonasteryKursha MonasteryRizong Monastery

Question 5: There are two main branches of Tibetan Buddhism here — the ________, who control the Sani Monastery, Dzongkhul, Stagrimo and Bardan Monastery - all loosely affiliated with Stakna in the Indus valley.
Tibetan BuddhismDrukpaKagyuDalai Lama

Question 6: This system, known as ________, is similar to the one found in the Alps where the animals are sent during the summer higher up in the mountains (the alpages) and were kept by the children and women.

Question 7: Livestock, and especially the ________, is of paramount importance in Zanskar.
Wild boarReindeerCattleYak

Question 8: The Zanskar Range is a mountain range in the Indian state of ________ that separates Zanskar from Ladakh.
Anantnag districtPoonch district (J&K)Jammu and KashmirSrinagar

Question 9: Thanks to its adherence to the Indian Union, this is also one of the rare regions in the Himalaya where traditional Tibetan culture, society, and buildings survived the Chinese ________.
Deng XiaopingMao ZedongCultural RevolutionZhou Enlai

Question 10: An etymological study (Snellgrove and Skorupsky, 1980) of the name reveals that its origin might refer to the natural occurrence of ________ in this region, the Tibetan word for which is “Zangs”.

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