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Zadar: Quiz


Question 1: They assimilated with the Indo-Europeans who settled between the 4th and 2nd millennium BC into a new ethnical unity, that of the ________.
ZadarLiburniansRoman NavyIllyrians

Question 2:
What is the leader of Zadar called?
Governing Body
City Treasurer

Question 3: The local basketball club is ________, and the football club NK Zadar.
Aris BCKK Crvena zvezdaKK ZadarKK Hemofarm

Question 4:
What is the total population of Zadar?

Question 5:

Question 6: Zadar was especially devastated in 1202 after the Venetian Doge Enrico Dandolo used the Crusaders, on their ________ to Palestine, to lay siege to the city.
ConstantinopleByzantine EmpireFourth CrusadeByzantium under the Angeloi

Question 7: The name of the Liburnian settlement was first mentioned by a Greek inscription from Pharos (Stari grad) on the island of ________ in 384 BC, where the citizens of Zadar were noted as Ίαδασινοί (Iadasinoi).

Question 8:

Question 9: ________
Bombing of Zadar in World War IIBombing of Dresden in World War IIStrategic bombing during World War IIAerial bombing of cities

Question 10: In the 5th century, under the rule of ________, Zadar became poor with many civic buildings turning into ruins due to its advanced age.
VisigothsByzantine EmpireOstrogothsOstrogothic Kingdom


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