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Z machine: Quiz


Question 1: The Z machine is the largest ________ generator in the world and is designed to test materials in conditions of extreme temperature and pressure.
Nuclear fusionX-rayIonizing radiationRadiation therapy

Question 2: However the maximum temperature the new version may reach with the same record holder ________ wire-array liner used in 2005 is not yet known.
GoldStainless steelSilverCopper

Question 3: Operated by ________, it gathers data to aid in computer modeling of nuclear weapons.
Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratorySandia National LaboratoriesFGM-148 JavelinOrion (spacecraft)

Question 4: The imploding plasma produces a high temperature and an X-ray pulse which can create a ________ in a target structure.
Moving shockExplosive materialSunShock wave

Question 5: Simultaneously, the current density induces a powerful magnetic field and their combination creates ________ which radially compress the plasma into a z-pinch process.
Maxwell's equationsElectromagnetismLorentz forceGauss's law for magnetism

Question 6: The powerful fluctuation in the magnetic field (an "________") also generates electric current in all of the metallic objects in the room (see picture at upper right).
Electromagnetic pulseElectromagnetic radiationElectromagnetismPhoton

Question 7: The Z machine is located at Sandia's main site in Albuquerque, ________.
IllinoisColoradoMontanaNew Mexico


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