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Question 1: In a scene, the Zeta Gundam's head was destroyed and replaced with a head of an ________ in a rush.
Gundam (mobile suit)Universal CenturyMS-06 Zaku IIMobile Suit Gundam

Question 2: The Zeta Gundam also became the starting mobile suit of the main character ________ of the sequel Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ before he switched to the more powerful MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam.
List of Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ charactersList of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam episodesList of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam charactersList of Mobile Suit Gundam characters

Question 3: In this mode, the movements of the unit follow the pilot's own movements (similar to the Mobile Trace System from ________).
Mobile Fighter G GundamMobile Suit Gundam WingAfter War Gundam XMobile Suit Gundam

Question 4: Originally designed as a successor to the Ζeta Gundam and was even featured in various ________ video games as a secret unit.
Super Robot Wars AlphaSuper Robot Wars Alpha 3Super Robot WarsSuper Robot Wars W

Question 5: Its popularity has led to many variations, upgrades, redesigns and influenced later design works such as the Zeta Plus[2] and the ________.
Gundam Wing: Endless WaltzList of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing mobile weaponsMobile Suit Gundam WingList of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing locations

Question 6: The MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam, designed by Kazumi Fujita,[1] is a fictional weapon of the anime Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam from the Universal Century timeline of the ________ metaseries.
GundamMobile Suit GundamGundam modelGundam (mobile suit)

Question 7: [3][4] It is also the only ________ having a real, pilotable, down-scaled, 7-metre-tall, hydraulically controlled model built.
Mobile weaponsGundamMobile Suit GundamGundam model

Question 8: The name "Zeta Gundam" is derived from the series' name in which the suit appears, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, which is the sequel of ________.
Universal CenturyOne Year WarMobile Suit GundamMobile Suit Gundam ZZ

Question 9: Inside the Gundam franchise, it has been featured in the PlayStation game ________ (Gundam: The Battle Master 2 in Japan), the PS2 game Mobile Suit Z Gundam: AEUG vs. Titans and PSP's Gundam Battle series.
Gundam EvolveMobile Suit GundamGundam: Battle Assault (series)New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Endless Duel

Question 10: The unit has also appeared in most of the ________ game series, which is famous for featuring different mecha of many anime franchise together in one mixed story.
Super Robot Wars WSuper Robot Wars AlphaSuper Robot Wars Alpha 3Super Robot Wars

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