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ZIP (file format): Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following genres does ZIP (file format) produce?

Question 2: Microsoft has included built-in ZIP support (under the name "compressed folders") in versions of its Windows ________ since 1998.
LinuxOperating systemMac OS XUnix

Question 3: The earliest known version of .ZIP File Format Specification was first published as part of ________ 0.9 package under the file APPNOTE.TXT.

Question 4: The Info-ZIP Windows tools also support ________ filesystem permissions, and will make an attempt to translate from NTFS permissions to Unix permissions or vice-versa when extracting files.
Internet ExplorerNTFSFile Allocation TableMicrosoft Windows

Question 5: The format was originally created in 1986 by Phil Katz for ________,[1] and evolved from the previous ARC compression format by Thom Henderson.

Question 6: ________, starting with version 12.1, uses the extension .zipx for ZIP files that use compression methods newer than DEFLATE.

Question 7: An example of a development library licensed under an open source agreement is the ________ gzip project and Info-ZIP.

Question 8: ZIP files generally use the file extensions ".zip" or ".ZIP" and the ________ media type application/zip, although the ZIP file format has also been used by many programs, usually under a different name.
Simple Mail Transfer ProtocolMIMEInternet Message Access ProtocolDomain Name System

Question 9: The most commonly used compression method is ________, which is described in IETF RFC 1951.
Lempel-Ziv-Markov chain algorithmDEFLATEAudio compression (data)Data compression

Question 10: It is primarily designed for document formats using the ISO/IEC international standard ________.
Portable Document FormatOffice Open XMLOpen XML Paper SpecificationOpen Packaging Conventions

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