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ZAKA: Quiz


Question 1: This arrangement succeeded the ZAKA organization founded by ________ Elazar Gelbstein in 1989.
Orthodox JudaismRabbiJewsConservative Judaism

Question 2: In 2004, a group of ZAKA volunteers flew to The Hague, Netherlands, with the wreckage of a bus destroyed on January 29, 2004 in a suicide bombing in ________.

Question 3: The wreckage, along with pictures of 950 victims of ________, was taken to Washington DC to urge the United States to act against Palestinian terrorism.
Second IntifadaPalestine Liberation OrganizationPalestinian political violenceHamas

Question 4: In late 2004 and early 2005, members of ZAKA provided assistance in Thailand, Sri Lanka, India and Indonesia in the aftermath of the ________.
MalaysiaMaldives2004 Indian Ocean earthquakeCountries affected by the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake

Question 5: In November 2008, ZAKA volunteers went to Mumbai, ________ following terrorist attacks by Pakistani militant Islamists that included a Jewish center among its targets.
Lok SabhaIndiaResearch and Analysis WingIndia and the Non-Aligned Movement

Question 6: In ________ the newly organized ZAKA were officially recognized by the Israeli government and now work closely with the Israel Police in the identification of disaster victims.

Question 7: In August 2007, ZAKA members were accused of burning down a secret crematorium in ________.
GreeceUnited StatesArmeniaIsrael

Question 8: Following the ________ a four man ZAKA team was dispatched to Haiti.
Port-au-PrinceHumanitarian response by non-governmental organizations to the 2010 Haiti earthquake2010 Haiti earthquakeHumanitarian response by national governments to the 2010 Haiti earthquake

Question 9: Yom Kippur War
1982 / ________
Peace proposals
Treaties with Egypt / Jordan
International law
HezbollahInternational reactions to the 2006 Lebanon War2006 Israel–Gaza conflict2006 Lebanon War

Question 10: They also provide ________ and rescue services, and help with the search for missing persons.
ABC (medicine)First aidCardiopulmonary resuscitationAutomated external defibrillator


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