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Yuppie: Quiz


Question 1: It doesn't matter whether you are trying to advertise to farmers, ________ or Yuppies, no one likes to be neatly lumped into some group".
Hispanic and Latino AmericansSpainLatin AmericaHispanic

Question 2: Girl with Curious Hair by ________, a short story about a young Republican after enjoying life after prep school with a group of punk rockers.
David Foster WallaceInfinite JestConsider the LobsterThomas Pynchon

Question 3: Leo Shapiro, a market researcher in Chicago, responded, "________ always winds up being derogatory.
Ethnic cleansingRacismAntisemitismStereotype

Question 4: Stuff White People Like, a satirical ________ that pokes fun at generalizations and yuppie culture.
PermalinkBlog softwareBlogPolitical blog

Question 5: Wall Street, the 1987 film about stock traders, has been described as "encapsulation of 80s yuppie greed culture", particularly ________'s naive 20-something character.
Charlie SheenCynthia McKinneyJesse VenturaJuliette Binoche

Question 6: Fight Club, the 1996 ________ novel and 1999 film adaptation, follows "a disenchanted yuppie ...
Haunted (novel)Choke (novel)Chuck PalahniukLullaby (novel)

Question 7: [4] An early printed appearance of the word is in a May 1980 ________ magazine article by Dan Rottenberg.
Burr Ridge, IllinoisBlue Island, IllinoisChicagoElmhurst, Illinois

Question 8: ________, the 1991 Bret Easton Ellis novel and 2000 film about yuppie serial killer Patrick Bateman.
American Psycho (film)American PsychoLunar ParkGlamorama

Question 9: On April 8, 1991, ________ proclaimed the death of the yuppie in a mock obituary.
The New YorkerNewsweekTime (magazine)National Review

Question 10: [9] ________ magazine declared 1984 "The Year of the Yuppie", characterizing the salary range, occupations, and politics of yuppies as "demographically hazy".
Slate (magazine)Reader's DigestNewsweekForeign Policy

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