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Yugoslavia: Quiz


Question 1: In May 1945, the Partisans met with allied forces outside former Yugoslav borders, after taking over also Trieste and parts of Austrian southern provinces ________ and Carinthia.
BurgenlandSalzburg (state)GrazStyria

Question 2: The Serbian delegation, led by Milošević, insisted on a policy of "one person, one vote", which would empower the plurality population, the ________.
Serbian diasporaSerbsBelgradeWhite Serbia

Question 3: ________
League of Communists of YugoslaviaSocialist Federal Republic of YugoslaviaJosip Broz TitoSerbia

Question 4: The flags of the republics used versions of the red flag and/or Slavic tricolor, with a ________ in the centre or in the canton.
Hammer and sickleRussiaRed starCommunist symbolism

Question 5: The ________ were able to expel the Axis from Serbia in 1944 and the rest of Yugoslavia in 1945.
CroatiaChetniksYugoslav PartisansJosip Broz Tito

Question 6: In ________ in November 1991, the Bosnian Serbs held a referendum which resulted in an overwhelming vote in favour of forming Serbian republic in borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina and staying in a common state with Serbia and Montenegro.
Bosnia and HerzegovinaSarajevoCroatiaAlbania

Question 7: The king was assassinated in Marseille during an official visit to France in 1934 by an experienced marksman from Ivan Mihailov's ________ in the cooperation of the Ustaše, a Croatian fascist revolutionary organization.
Macedonia (region)Internal Macedonian Revolutionary OrganizationIlinden–Preobrazhenie UprisingMacedonian nationalism

Question 8: ________
SerbiaSerbia and MontenegroSerbsSocialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

Question 9: In 1974, Serbia's influence in the country was significantly reduced as autonomous provinces were created in ethnic Albanian-majority populated ________ and the mixed-populated Vojvodina.
MontenegroKosovoCroatiaBosnia and Herzegovina

Question 10: Hungary annexed Bačka, Baranja, Međimurje, and ________
Međimurje CountySloveniaPrekmurjeSyrmia


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