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Yuan Dynasty: Quiz


Question 1:
Where does Yuan Dynasty come from?
Republic of China (Taiwan)
Mongolia, China.
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan,

Question 2:
What religion does Yuan Dynasty adhere to?
Buddhism , Taoism, Confucianism, Chinese folk religion

Question 3:

Question 4: The Muslims of the Yuan Dynasty introduced ________ cartography, astronomy, medicine, clothing, and diet in East Asia.
IranMiddle EastWestern AsiaTurkey

Question 5: From the beginning of his reign, the other three khanates of the Mongol Empire became de facto independent and only one recognized him as ________.
Güyük KhanYuan DynastyKhaganGenghis Khan

Question 6: In 1259 Great Khan Möngke died while ________, his brother, was campaigning against the Song Dynasty in South China and Ariq Böke, his other brother, commanded the Mongol homelands.
Ögedei KhanMongol EmpireKublai KhanMöngke Khan

Question 7: China was torn by dissension and unrest; ________ ravaged the country without interference from the weakening Yuan armies.

Question 8:
What proceeded Yuan Dynasty?

Question 9:
What is Yuan Dynasty's current status?
Sweden as Vassal of Holy Roman Empire
Possibly vassals of Kushan Empire
Client state of the French Empire

Question 10: Under this came the ________ areas to the south of the Yellow River, north-east Hubei, Jiangsu, the north-eastern part of Jiangxi Province.
Qi County, KaifengHenanXingyangDengzhou


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