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Question 1: It was to be played at a party Seagram threw for its employees acquired as a result of its ________ take-over.
Universal Studios FloridaNBC Universal Television DistributionUniversal StudiosUniversal Media Studios

Question 2: It ________ the style of 1950s educational films such as Duck and Cover, while poking fun at Universal and its talent.

Question 3: As he drinks milk and eats ________, Michael J.
Kraft FoodsJell-OOreoFreia (chocolate)

Question 4: Your Studio and You is a comedy short film created in 1995 by ________ and Trey Parker and commissioned by comedic filmmaker David Zucker.
Matt StoneCannibal! The MusicalSouth Park: Bigger, Longer & UncutSouth Park

Question 5: Shots of the Jaws "shark attack" attraction on the ________ accompanied by the narrated phrase, "old and stupid."
Universal Studios Studio Tour (Hollywood)King Kong EncounterKongfrontationKing Kong (2005 film)

Question 6: ________ appears with Trey Parker as two guys at a food stand during the "It's UCS for me!" segment.
Cannibal! The MusicalSouth Park: Bigger, Longer & UncutMatt StoneSouth Park


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