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Youp van 't Hek: Quiz


Question 1: Rijke meiden ("Rich girls", ________) (1991)
PoetryNovellaNovelShort story

Question 2: After being kicked out of several high schools, he finally completed the one where he also lead the school theater, and moved to ________.

Question 3:
What role did Youp van 't Hek play in the movie Kinderen voor kinderen?

Question 4: Liegangst (Fear of lying, wordplay on ________) (2003)
PhobiaFear of flyingAgoraphobiaPanic attack

Question 5: Komen & gaan, een week scharrelen rond Gare du Nord ("Coming and going, a week of wandering around Gare du Nord", ________) (2004)
LiteraturePoetryNovelLyric poetry

Question 6: He is known as "the Buckler of Dutch comedians" because he ridiculed Buckler, a ________ brewed by Heineken in his 1989 end-of-year show.
CaliforniaAlcoholic beverageUnited StatesLow-alcohol beer

Question 7: The music to Youp's songs is mostly played on piano, ________, violin and acoustic guitar, which reflects Youp's preference for classical music.
AccordionBayan (accordion)Accordion music genresConcertina

Question 8: Youp was born and raised in the Gooi, a wealthy region to the southeast of ________.

Question 9: Youp van 't Hek is the brother of ________ international Tom van 't Hek.
Olympic GamesIndoor field hockeyAssociation footballField hockey

Question 10: Alles in Wonderland (Everything in Wonderland, a wordplay on ________ because alles sounds similar to alice.) (1976)
Alice LiddellAlice's Adventures in WonderlandThrough the Looking-GlassWorks based on Alice in Wonderland


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