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Question 1: Mehmet Cavit Bey (1875–1926) a Dönmeh from Thessalonica, ________ by ancestry but Muslim by religion since the 17th century, who was Minister of Finance.

Question 2: Like their European forerunners such as the ________, they typically formed cells, in which only one member might be connected to another cell.
First French EmpireCarbonariNapoleonic WarsItalian unification

Question 3: ________ (1842–1910), painter and owner of the first specialized art school in Istanbul (1883).
İbrahim Edhem PashaOttoman EmpireOsman Hamdi BeyTurkish people

Question 4: In this ultra-secular and somewhat materialistic structure, ________ was to replace religion.
Scientific methodScienceSocial sciencesPseudoscience

Question 5: With the ________ coming out of the election box the unity among the Young Turks that was originated from the Young Turk Revolution replaced itself with the realities of the Ottoman Empire.
Committee of Union and ProgressArmenian Revolutionary FederationArmenian GenocidePeople's Federative Party (Bulgarian Section)

Question 6: The Young Turks originated from the secret societies of progressive university students and military ________.
United States Merchant MarineCadetUnited KingdomJunior Reserve Officers' Training Corps

Question 7: ________, with its claim of being a religion of science, deeply impressed the Young Turks, who believed it could be more easily reconciled with Islam than could popular materialistic theories.

Question 8: Ziya Gökalp (1875–1924), a Turkish nationalist from ________, publicist and pioneer sociologist, influenced by modern Western European culture.

Question 9: The name of the society, Union and Progress, is believed to be inspired by leading positivist ________'s motto Order and Progress.
PositivismRelationship between religion and scienceJürgen HabermasAuguste Comte

Question 10: Beginning with the ________ with ethnically non-Turkish members participating at the outset, the Young Turks embraced the official state ideology: Ottomanism.
Ottoman EmpireTanzimatFirst Constitutional Era (Ottoman Empire)Turkish people


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