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Young Avengers: Quiz


Question 1: They are quickly defeated, though ________ manages to rescue Hulkling.
Alex WilderRunaways (comics)Nico MinoruXavin

Question 2:
When did Young Avengers make his debut?
Young Justice #4
Young Avengers #1
Young All-Stars # 6
Young Justice: The Secret #1

Question 3: Marvel's 1940s forerunner, ________, had an unrelated character, Young Avenger, who debuted in USA Comics #1 (Aug.
Marvel ComicsTimely ComicsRoy ThomasAtlas Comics (1950s)

Question 4:
What company publishes Young Avengers?

Question 5: ________ (resembling Captain Marvel and the Hulk) is Teddy Altman.
Young AvengersAvengers (comics)HulklingWolverine (comics)

Question 6:
Who created Young Avengers?

Question 7: Hulkling
After seeing footage of ________'s return in Times Square, Teddy immediately goes and speaks to the legendary hero, telling him that he is his son.
Ms. MarvelCaptain Marvel (Mar-Vell)KreeStan Lee

Question 8: This Captain Marvel eventually turned out to be a Skrull sleeper agent in place for the ________[3]
Secret InvasionAvengers (comics)Dark Reign (comics)Avengers Disassembled

Question 9: Young Avengers is an American comic book series written by Allan Heinberg and published by ________.
Marvel EntertainmentMarvel AnimationMarvel StudiosMarvel Comics

Question 10: The series won the 2006 ________ for best New Series.
Eagle Award (comics)Eisner AwardInkpot AwardHarvey Award

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