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Question 1: Aside from the in-game soundtrack, he has also composed the two theme songs used in the game, "Yotsunoha", the opening theme sung by Chata, and "Shining Orange", the ending theme sung by ________.
Yui SakakibaraJapanPrism ArkAmi Suzuki

Question 2: Upon arrival, Makoto Yūki, the protagonist discovers that the ________ the group of friends buried prior to their separation has been dug up.
PastHistoryChronologyTime capsule

Question 3: Gameplay in Yotsunoha requires relatively little player interaction as most of the duration of the game is spent on only reading the text that appear on the screen, representing the ________ between the numerous characters in the game.

Question 4: There were also two Drama CDs, and two ________ shows hosted by Yui Sakakibara in order to promote the game.
Helix (project)Internet radioRealPlayerVLC media player

Question 5: One of the player's objective in the original version of the game is to view the hentai scenes depicting the main character Makoto having ________ with one of the heroines.
Human sexual behaviorPregnancyMasturbationSexual intercourse

Question 6: A ________ version titled Yotsunoha: A Journey of Sincerity, published by Gadget Soft with adult content removed, was also released on August 28, 2008.
PlayStation 2PlayStation 3Sony Computer EntertainmentPlayStation Portable

Question 7: Yotsunoha was also adapted into a manga series, illustrated by Japanese artist Bow Ditama, known for his previous work on ________.
SpainTokyopopMahoromaticUnited Kingdom

Question 8: It was followed by an ________ series animated by Hal Film Maker.
Direct-to-videoAnimeSaint SeiyaOriginal video animation

Question 9: A ________ adaptation illustrated by Japanese artist Bow Ditama was first serialized in the Megami Magazine on January 30, 2008.
MangaManga outside JapanShōjo mangaYaoi

Question 10: New theme songs were also used for the ________ version of the game.
PlayStation 2Sony Computer EntertainmentPlayStation PortablePlayStation 3

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