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Yoshitaka Amano: Quiz


Question 1: [19] He also worked on Shinjuku, an illustrated novel written by Christopher "mink" Morrison (Dark Horse ________).

Question 2: In 1967, he began working for ________ in the animation department, where he was introduced to the early Japanese anime movement.
Tatsunoko ProductionTatsuo YoshidaBee TrainYatterman

Question 3: ________ and Nobuyoshi Mihara were the character designers of Final Fantasy XI.
Tetsuya NomuraKingdom HeartsFinal Fantasy VIIYoshitaka Amano

Question 4: He joined Square (now known as Square Enix) to work on what was expected to be their last video game for the Famicom (Nintendo Entertainment System): ________ (released on December 18, 1987 in Japan).
Final Fantasy VIIFinal Fantasy (video game)Final FantasyFinal Fantasy VI

Question 5: In the 1960s, Amano was exposed to Western art styles through ________ and their Japanese Western-influenced counter parts, and believes Western comics to be his artistic roots.
American comic bookGraphic novelBritish comicsComic book

Question 6: Amano was born in Shizuoka, ________; as a young adolescent, he was fascinated with drawing.
JapanCanadaCambodiaUnited Kingdom

Question 7: Yoshitaka Amano has stated that he is currently working on Final Fantasy XIII and ________ but his role is unknown so far.
Final Fantasy X-2Final Fantasy Versus XIIIDissidia: Final FantasyFinal Fantasy VII

Question 8: [5] Amano was also fascinated by the art styles of psychedelic art and pop art of the West, particularly the work of American Pop artist ________.
United StatesPeter MaxNew York CityCollage

Question 9: [2][3] His first paid project was for the ________ anime franchise (also known as Mach GoGoGo).
Speed Racer (2008 video game)Speed Racer (film)Speed RacerRacer X (Speed Racer character)

Question 10: He worked in character design for anime shows such as the Time Bokan series, the ________ series, Tekkaman and the Honey Bee.
Gatchaman IIScience Ninja Team GatchamanGatchaman (OVA)Eagle Riders

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