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Yoko Shimomura: Quiz


Question 1: [4] These games were followed by ________, the last score she worked on with another composer for a decade.
Tobal No. 1Bushido Blade (video game)Final Fantasy TacticsFinal Fantasy VII

Question 2: [8][9] The soundtrack has led to an album of piano arrangements, the first non-________ game from Square to receive one, and a second is forthcoming.
Final Fantasy (video game)Final Fantasy VIFinal Fantasy VIIFinal Fantasy

Question 3: [12] Legend of Mana's title theme was also performed by the Australian ________ for its classical gaming music concert A Night in Fantasia 2007.
Yasunori MitsudaEminence Symphony OrchestraVideo game musicNobuo Uematsu

Question 4: ________ (TBA)
Final Fantasy VIIFinal Fantasy X-2Final Fantasy XIIIFinal Fantasy Versus XIII

Question 5: ________ (1989) – with Yoshihiro Sakaguchi (uncredited)
Street Fighter Alpha 2Street FighterStreet Fighter AlphaFinal Fight

Question 6: In 1993, Shimomura transferred to another game company, Square (now ________).
Square Enix EuropeFinal FantasySquare EnixTaito Corporation

Question 7: ________ (1996) – with many others
Final Fantasy VIIBushido Blade (video game)Tobal No. 1Final Fantasy Tactics

Question 8: [6] While she began her tenure at Capcom working on console games, by 1990 she had moved to the ________ division.
Video gamePersonal computer gameArcade gameVideo game genres

Question 9: ________ (1991) – with Isao Abe (credited as Pii♪)
Street Fighter Alpha 3Super Street Fighter IIStreet Fighter Alpha 2Street Fighter II

Question 10: ________ (2009)
Kingdom Hearts Birth by SleepKingdom Hearts IIKingdom Hearts (video game)Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days


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