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Question 1: It combines his own elucidations and differing opinions with those of other ________ (post-medieval authorities.) [As found in the book by Rabbi Moses M.
Rabbinic literatureHalakhaKabbalahAcharonim

Question 2: His mother moved the family to ________ in order to continue her son's education.

Question 3: He traveled extensively to encourage the keeping of the ________ amongst Jews.
TzitzitJewish holidayUpsherinMitzvah

Question 4: He then resigned from this position to set up the ________ in Raduń, which eventually became world famous.
Torah Umesorah – National Society for Hebrew Day SchoolsOrthodox JudaismYeshivaTorah im Derech Eretz

Question 5: It later became known as "Yeshivas Chofetz Chaim of Raduń." In addition to spreading Torah through his ________, the Chofetz Chaim was very active in Jewish causes.
YeshivaTorah Umesorah – National Society for Hebrew Day SchoolsOrthodox JudaismTorah im Derech Eretz

Question 6: One American yeshiva named in his honor is the Yeshivas Rabbeinu Yisrael Meir HaKohen centered in ________, with several branches in the United States and Israel.
BrooklynNassau County, New YorkNew York CityQueens

Question 7: Kagan was born in Zhetl, Hrodno Guberniya, today's ________ on February 6, 1838, and died in Radun', Wilno Voivodship, Poland (pop.
Bosnia and HerzegovinaBelarusSerbiaAzerbaijan

Question 8: From 1864 to 1869 he taught ________ in Minsk and Washilishok.
Jewish philosophyRabbinic literatureTalmudMidrash


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