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Yield: Quiz


Question 1: ________, the change from elastic deformation to permanent plastic deformation of a structure
CorrosionYield (engineering)Tensile strengthCreep (deformation)

Question 2: ________, the largest yield/catch that can be taken from a species' stock over an indefinite period
OverfishingMaximum sustainable yieldSustainable yield in fisheriesFisheries science

Question 3:
  • ________, an engineering term for the amount of stress that a material can undergo before plastic deformation
    Yield (engineering)CorrosionTensile strengthCreep (deformation)

Question 4: ________, the percentage of prospective students offered admission to an educational institution that actually enroll at that school
UniversityCollegePrivate schoolGymnasium (school)

Question 5: in computer science, a point of return (and re-entry) of a ________
C (programming language)ContinuationCoroutinePython (programming language)

Question 6: an element in ________, a U.S.
The Amazing Race (U.S. TV series)The Amazing Race 15The Amazing Race AsiaThe Amazing Race

Question 7: ________, the amount of energy discharged when the weapon explodes
Nuclear arms raceNuclear weapon yieldNuclear weapon designNuclear weapons testing

Question 8: Rolled throughput yield, a statistical tool in ________
Taguchi methodsSix SigmaControl chartManufacturing


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