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Yi Sun-sin: Quiz


Question 1: Unfortunately for the Japanese, ________ had sent down thousands of reinforcements to aid Joseon.
Han DynastyMing DynastyTang DynastySong Dynasty

Question 2: The turtle ships did not re-appear in battle until the ________.
Battle of MyeongnyangBattle of NoryangBattle of Hansan IslandJapanese invasions of Korea (1592–1598)

Question 3: Admiral Yi responded with a letter written "...I still own thirteen ships. As I am alive, the enemies will never gain the ________ (a.k.a.
CoruscantTatooineStar Wars galaxyNaboo

Question 4: After the Japanese attacked ________, Yi began his naval operations from his headquarters at Yeosu.

Question 5: Yi was killed by a single bullet in the ________ on December 16, 1598.
Battle of NoryangBattle of MyeongnyangJapanese invasions of Korea (1592–1598)Battle of Hansan Island

Question 6: Today, most of Yi's descendants live in or near ________ and Asan.

Question 7: Also, much information about the ________ are written in his diaries.
Turtle shipYi Sun-sinJoseon DynastyKorean cannon

Question 8: Unlike anywhere else in the world at the time (with the exception of England), the ________ used cannons as its primary offensive naval weapon.
Joseon DynastyKorean EmpireKorea under Japanese ruleKorea

Question 9: Yi and his ________ appear in the game Age of Empires II: The Conquerors.
Turtle shipKorean cannonJoseon DynastyYi Sun-sin

Question 10: The city Chungmu, now renamed ________, on the southern coast of Korea is named in honor of his posthumous title and the site of his headquarters.


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