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Yevno Azef: Quiz


Question 1: Born as Evno Fishelevich Azef in Lyskovo (now Brest Voblast, ________) in 1869 to a poor Jewish family, he received only basic schooling.
AzerbaijanBelarusSerbiaBosnia and Herzegovina

Question 2: His wife, Ljuba Mankin, who had been unaware of his double-dealing, divorced him and moved to the ________.
PhilippinesAlaskaCanadaUnited States

Question 3: In that position he organized assassinations including those of Vyacheslav Plehve in 1904 and the Tsar's uncle ________ in 1905.
Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich of RussiaGrand Duke Paul Alexandrovich of RussiaGrand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich of RussiaGrand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich of Russia

Question 4: During the ________, he was interned as an enemy alien.
Caucasus CampaignArmenian GenocideWorld War IWestern Front (World War I)

Question 5: Berezovsky - between Azef and Parvus by ________
RussiaDmitry GalkovskyRussian literatureRussian culture

Question 6: In 1899 he returned to Russia and joined the ________.
Tsentralna RadaKyiv Bilshovyk UprisingSocialist-Revolutionary PartyRussian Social Democratic Labour Party

Question 7: ________'s "The Birds Fall Down" (1966) is a spy thriller based on the deeds of Azef.
Rebecca WestJoseph StalinH. G. WellsMargaret Thatcher

Question 8: In those years Sergei Vasilyevich Zubatov of the ________ also recruited him as a police informer.
Russian EmpireVladimir LeninRussiaOkhrana

Question 9: In 1892, when he was about to be arrested, he embezzled 800 rubles and fled to Germany, first to Karlsruhe and then ________.
Offenbach am MainFrankfurt am MainDarmstadtKassel

Question 10: In Germany he also joined a group of exiled members of the ________ and traveled all over Europe to meet other revolutionaries.
Tsentralna RadaSocialist-Revolutionary PartyRussian Social Democratic Labour PartyKyiv Bilshovyk Uprising


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