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Yeshiva: Quiz


Question 1: Chabad yeshivot, for example, study the ________, the Likutei Torah, and the voluminous works of the Rebbes of Chabad for an hour and a half each morning, before prayers, and an hour and a half in the evening.
Dovber SchneuriChabad-Lubavitch related controversiesChabad messianismTanya

Question 2: Non-Haredi girls' schools' curricula often includes the study of ________ and sometimes Talmud.
ToseftaMidrashMishnahMinor tractate

Question 3: In the typical yeshiva, the main emphasis is on ________ study and analysis.
TalmudMidrashRabbinic literatureJewish philosophy

Question 4: These comprised the traditional Jewish focus on Talmudic literature that is central to Rabbinic Judaism, augmented by study of ________ (Hasidus).
Hasidic JudaismHasidic philosophyChabadIzhbitza (Hasidic dynasty)

Question 5: Generally, a period is devoted to the study of practical ________ (Jewish law).
Orthodox JudaismHasidic JudaismHaredi JudaismHalakha

Question 6: Mishnat R' Aharon ________ Lectures on many topics by Rabbi Aharon Kotler.
KabbalahJudaismMussar movementJewish Renewal

Question 7: The Rabbinical School of the ________ in New York, USA
United Synagogue YouthZiegler School of Rabbinic StudiesAmerican Jewish UniversityJewish Theological Seminary of America

Question 8: Yeshivot are generally, but not always, associated with ________.
Ashkenazi JewsOrthodox JudaismRabbiConservative Judaism

Question 9: The Sephardic world has traditionally placed the study of esoteric Jewish mysticism (Kabbalah) in a more mainsteam position that in the European ________ world.
Jewish ethnic divisionsJewsSephardi JewsAshkenazi Jews

Question 10: These are not affiliated with the Conservative movement, as formally defined, but rather fit within the more generally defined category of ________.
Jewish philosophyJewsConservative JudaismRabbi

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