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Yellow Turban Rebellion: Quiz


Question 1: A typical worship service consisted largely of music and chanting, the burning of incense, and sermons or anecdotes that could be given by any member of the congregation including women and those perceived as ________.
Classical antiquityEuropeBarbarianDemosthenes

Question 2: After ________ died in AD 189, a power struggle between He Jin and the eunuchs ensued in which He Jin was assassinated on September 22, 189.
Emperor Xian of HanLiu BeiEmperor Ling of HanPrince of Hongnong

Question 3: The peasants were further oppressed by high taxes imposed in order to fund the construction of fortifications along the ________ and garrisons against foreign infiltration and invasion.
Han DynastySino-Roman relationsTang DynastySilk Road

Question 4: ________), but in the run-up to the Yellow Turban Rebellion, the court eunuchs in particular gained considerably in influence over the emperor, which they abused to enrich themselves.
Wang MangRuzi YingHan DynastyEmpress Wang Zhengjun

Question 5: The situation was further aggravated by smaller floods along the lower course of the ________.
Yangtze RiverShandongTianjinYellow River

Question 6: The rebellion is the opening event in the Chinese literary classic ________.
Guan YuLiu BeiZhuge LiangRomance of the Three Kingdoms

Question 7: The government was widely regarded as corrupt and incapable and the famines and floods were seen as an indication that a decadent emperor had lost his ________.
Mandate of HeavenDivine right of kingsMonarchMonarchy

Question 8: The group led by Zhang Jiao and his two brothers gained their support from the region just north of the ________, near Zhang Jiao's home territory of Julu and his base in Wei commandery.
ShandongTianjinYellow RiverYangtze River

Question 9: This force had evidently been intended to co-operate with the traitors inside ________ in the attempt to seize the capital, but even without that support, the rebels in this region were a major threat.

Question 10: Zhu Jun recommended ________'s appointment to call up troops and join his forces.
Sun JianLiu BeiZhang HeSun Ce

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