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Question 1: [6] Gaidar married the daughter of writer ________ during his time in university of Alaska.
Roadside PicnicStalker (film)Arkady and Boris StrugatskyMonday Begins on Saturday

Question 2: On 28 November 2006, Yegor Gaidar was found unconscious in ________, Ireland, where he had been presenting his new book Lasting Time: Russia in the World.
County ClareGalwayCounty KilkennyCounty Kildare

Question 3: His supporters contend that although many mistakes were made, he had few choices in the matter and ultimately saved the country both from ________ and from starvation.
Bond (finance)InsolvencyDebtBankruptcy

Question 4: His best-known decision was to abolish price regulation by the state, which immediately resulted in a major increase in prices and amounted to officially authorizing a ________ in Russia.
Social market economyMixed economyAnarchist economicsMarket economy

Question 5: He repeated his claim on the ________ programme Hardtalk.
Raidió Teilifís ÉireannBBCTG4Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation

Question 6: According to the ________'s Andrei Ostalski, "There were only two solutions - either introduce martial law and severe rationing, or radically liberalize the economy.
BBCRaidió Teilifís ÉireannTG4Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation

Question 7: "He stood before the choice of civil war or painful reforms", ________, a former deputy prime minister under Yeltsin, told the Ekho Moskvy radio station.
Vladimir PutinBoris YeltsinBoris NemtsovRussia

Question 8: On 18 September 1993, he was again appointed the First Vice-Premier under ________ as a deliberate snub to the opposition.
Boris YeltsinRussiaViktor ChernomyrdinVladimir Putin

Question 9: A long-time member of the Communist Party and an editor of the ________ ideological journal Communist during the perestroika, he joined Yeltsin's camp during Perestroyka.
CommunismCommunist Party of the Soviet UnionEast GermanyMarxism

Question 10: He had active role in the ________: on 3 October, he famously spoke live on television, calling on Muscovites to defend Yeltsin's regime.
1993 Russian constitutional crisis1991 Soviet coup d'état attemptFirst Chechen War2008 South Ossetia war

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