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Yeast: Quiz


Question 1: The CO2 is used by plants in the ________ process.
Plant physiologyCell wallPhotosynthesisAlgae

Question 2: [38] Brettanomyces produces an array of metabolites when growing in wine, some of which are volatile ________ compounds.
Hydrogen peroxidePhenolChlorhexidineEthanol

Question 3: [6] Other species of yeast, such as ________, are opportunistic pathogens and can cause infections in humans.
Candida albicansPneumocystis pneumoniaZygomycotaCandidiasis

Question 4: [67] Candida glabrata is the second most common Candida pathogen after C. albicans, causing infections of the urogenital tract, and of the ________ (candidemia).
Fetal circulationMyocardial infarctionCirculatory systemHeart

Question 5: Spirits such as whiskey and ________ are prepared by distilling these dilute solutions of ethanol.
Alcoholic beverageRumWhiskyVodka

Question 6: Components other than ethanol are collected in the condensate, including water, esters, and other ________ which account for the flavor of the beverage.

Question 7: It can also mean yeast obtained as a by-product of brewing, dried and killed, and used as a dietary supplement for its ________ content.
B vitaminsFolic acidVitamin B12Niacin

Question 8: This disease occurs in about 7–9% of ________ patients in the USA, and a slightly smaller percentage (3–6%) in western Europe.
HIVICD-10 Chapter I: Certain infectious and parasitic diseasesAIDS dementia complexAIDS

Question 9: Salt , hot water and fats such as ________ slow yeast growth[citation needed].
ButterSoybeanLardOlive oil

Question 10: [5] It is also extremely important as a model organism in modern ________ research, and is one of the most thoroughly researched eukaryotic microorganisms.
Molecular biologyGeneticsBiochemistryCell biology

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