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Yasukuni Shrine: Quiz


Question 1: There are several different ________ and gates located on both the causeway and shrine grounds.
ToriiHaiden (Shinto)Shinto architectureShinto shrine

Question 2:
What type is thing is Yasukuni Shrine?
Imperial Shrine

Question 3: It is dedicated to the kami (spirits) of soldiers and others who died fighting on behalf of the ________.
AkihitoEmperor of JapanHirohitoEmperor Meiji

Question 4: The last statue, donated in March 1992, depicts a ________ and honors the soldiers' canine comrades.
Border CollieBelgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois)German Shepherd DogBernese Mountain Dog

Question 5: [51] Former Prime Minister of Burma ________ visited on March 23, 1960.
U NuNe WinAung San Suu KyiThan Shwe

Question 6:
What is the street address of Yasukuni Shrine?
9670 Gouin Boulevard West, Pierrefonds
6901 NW 16th St.
Iriuda-aze Matsuba 190-4
3-1-1, Kudankita, Chiyoda

Question 7:
Who of the following people founded Yasukuni Shrine?

Question 8: Japan has participated in ten other conflicts since the ________ in 1869.
Imperial Japanese NavyFrance–Japan relations (19th century)BakumatsuBoshin War

Question 9:
When was Yasukuni Shrine founded?
Organized in 1869
June 1869

Question 10: [51] ________ visited on November 1, 1981.
6th Dalai Lama13th Dalai Lama5th Dalai Lama14th Dalai Lama

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