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Yassa: Quiz


Question 1: ________ proclaimed the Great Yassa as integral body of precedents, confirming the continuing validity of his father's commands and ordinances, while adding his own.
Kublai KhanMongol EmpireÖgedei KhanMöngke Khan

Question 2: He found these rulings from various sources such as Persian chroniclers, Fras Rubruquis, and ________:
Giovanni da Pian del CarpineBatu KhanGenghis KhanMongol Empire

Question 3: It was the principal law under the ________ even though no copies were made available.
Golden HordeIlkhanateMongol EmpireYuan Dynasty

Question 4: In the modern Turkish language (as used presently in ________), the word "Law" is called "Yasa", and the adjective "Legal" is called "Yasal".
Turkish peopleTurkeyCyprusCroatia

Question 5: Most of this law was supervised by Genghis Khan himself and his stepbrother Shihihutag who was then high judge (in Mongolian: улсын их заргач) of ________.
Golden HordeYuan DynastyIlkhanateMongol Empire

Question 6: Yassa (alternatively: Yasa, Yasaq, Jazag, Zasag, Mongolian: Их засаг хууль) was a secret written code of law created by ________.
Mongol EmpireGenghis KhanÖgedei KhanGolden Horde

Question 7: Among the rules were no ________ of livestock from other people, sharing food with travellers, no abduction of women from other families, and no defection among soldiers.

Question 8: It represented a day-to-day set of rules for people under ________ control that was enforced strictly with very stiff punishments for violators.
MongolsMonguorBorjiginKalmyk people


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