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Yankee Stadium (1923): Quiz


Question 1:
What is the seating capacity of Yankee Stadium (1923)?
67,205, u2022 67,337, u2022

Question 2: Louis) and ________ have hosted more games.
Tony OrtizMatt Shepard (sportscaster)Tiger Stadium (Detroit)WXYT-FM

Question 3: CBS then gave serious thought to building a stadium in the New Jersey Meadowlands before selling the Yankees to ________ in 1972 for $10 million.
Derek JeterJoe TorreGeorge SteinbrennerNew York Yankees

Question 4: Yankee Stadium was the first three-tiered sports facility in the United States and one of the first baseball parks to be given the lasting title of ________.
Fenway ParkStadiumYankee Stadium (1923)Rogers Centre

Question 5:
Who was the architect of Yankee Stadium (1923)?
Stickney, Frederick W.
Osborn Engineering Corporation
Henningson Engineering Co.
Wyvill,John C.

Question 6: Perhaps the most famous boxing match ever held at Yankee Stadium was on June 22, 1938, when Joe Louis, an ________, squared off against Schmeling, a German.
African-American Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968)Great Migration (African American)African American cultureAfrican American

Question 7: Yogi Berra (catcher), Mickey Mantle (outfield), Roger Maris (outfield), and Bill Skowron (first base) were in the starting lineup; Jim Coates (pitcher) and ________ (catcher) were reserves.
Reggie JacksonElston HowardPhil RizzutoBilly Martin

Question 8: The ________ was installed at Yankee Stadium in 1967, and was primarily played by Eddie Layton from its introduction until his retirement after the 2003 season.
Progressive rockClonewheel organHammond organOrgan trio

Question 9: The event was broadcast by television station W2XBS, forerunner of ________.

Question 10:

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