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Yangtze River: Quiz


Question 1: Eastward of the Three Gorges, ________ is the first city on the Yangtze Plain.
HubeiShennongjiaYichangYiling District

Question 2: The Yangtze is very polluted, especially in ________ (Shashi District).
Wuchang DistrictHubeiZigui CountyShennongjia

Question 3: The most infamous incident was when USS Panay and HMS Bee in 1937,were dive bombed by Japanese airplanes during the ________.
Nanking MassacreNanking Massacre controversy and denialNanjing War Crimes TribunalJapanese war crimes

Question 4: The less well known ancient Lingqu Canal, connecting the upper Xiang River with the headwaters of the Guijiang, allowed a direct water connection from the Yangtze Basin to the ________.
Yangtze River DeltaPearl River DeltaBohai Economic RimWuxi

Question 5: Gan River (near ________, Jiangxi Province)

Question 6: She was a small vessel intended for use as a mail and passenger carrier between Lintin Island, ________, and Whampoa.
PortugalMacauEast TimorHong Kong

Question 7: The Commercial firms of ________, Butterfield and Swire, and Standard Oil had their own steamers on the river.
Jardine Matheson HoldingsShanghaiHong KongWilliam Jardine (surgeon)

Question 8: Historically, the Yangtze became the political boundary between north China and south China several times (see ________) because of the difficulty of crossing the river.
History of the People's Republic of ChinaHistory of ChinaTimeline of Chinese historyHistory of the Republic of China

Question 9: It runs eastward through ________, turning southward down a deep valley at the border of Sichuan and Tibet to reach Yunnan.
HenanTibet Autonomous RegionQinghaiGansu

Question 10: The ________ on the river is the largest dam in the world.
Three Gorges DamHVDC Three Gorges – GuangdongGezhouba DamHVDC Gezhouba–Shanghai


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