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Yambol Province: Quiz


Question 1: The computer inventor ________ has family roots in the district - his father was born in a village Boyadjik, which is near Yambol.
History of computing hardwareJohn Vincent AtanasoffAtanasoff–Berry ComputerHoneywell v. Sperry Rand

Question 2: The northern areas of Tundja valley are characterized by a trans-continental climate, while the southern parts have a typical continental/________ climate.
Atlantic OceanIndian OceanPacific OceanMediterranean Sea

Question 3: Yambol is a province in south eastern Bulgaria, neighbouring ________ to the south.
Turkish peopleTurkeyCyprusCroatia

Question 4: The wood resources include ________, willow, poplar and oak.
Ulmus laevisDutch elm diseaseUlmus americanaElm

Question 5: Yambol is home to the ancient settlement of Kabile, a national archaeological reserve and a nature preserved site, being the most important ________ settlement in Bulgaria.
ThraciansScythiansSlavic peoplesDacians

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